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When I was in high school I started a district wide sports show with my sports and entertainment marketing teacher Mr Villnave, who was and is one my biggest inspirations. Since then I have loved talking about sports and I have always loved playing sports as well. I was a big athlete in high school with baseball, tennis, golf, rifle, track and football so I like sharing my experiences and my opinions on the world of sports. David and I became really good friends from the moment we met last summer. Since then we started our show The Toss Up last year just for him and I to kind of have some fun and enjoy our passion. We didn’t think that it would be a real success and have people all over listening in on our show, calling in, tweeting us, or even getting text messages from friends. This year we hope to expand our show even more with different guest hosts, crazy segments like: Toss it or Go with ItBetting with Brendan5 Minutes of Fantasy, and even Get Hyped About Hockey with Nate. We are trying to brand ourselves and our show in a way that helps to make our show a hit. We enjoy doing what we do, and our goal this year is to reach out to more people and try to expand our target audience even more. We love what we do, and we hope you will love our show.