The Return of DJ Matt

Posted in: Radio Shows
on January 27, 2016

Well well well, I find myself on a Saturday night drafting up a post for our awesome WNIA blog. Now you are probably wondering, what in the world is this guy going to rant about?

Personally, I would love to rant about Clash of Clans, a highly addictive android app game that has captivated millions around the world. So I might chat on about that and what it means to be a Town Hall (TH) 8 in this game. Or I could rant on about the game, Boom Beach, which I am less addicted to but, nevertheless, still love to play.

How about this? Lets talk about both of them as in reference to doing my show!

My show typically starts with a high-hitting "beaty" song. Who doesn’t love to kick with a bang!? Then I go into the weather report; typically I just find it online and report out.

This, of course, is followed in with some music and song request. By the way, if you want to request a song on my show, all you have to do is find me on Facebook or email me at my Niagara University email.

Anyways, then I go into my games! This use to include Dragon City but, over break I decided to uninstall it. Why you might ask? Well, I was rotating between playing three games, taking six classes last semester, being a community advisor (CA), holding a social life, etc. So I dropped it down to two games. And get this, last semester I requested my show to be from 11 p.m.-1 a.m. on a Tuesday night, not the brightest idea at the time, to say the least.

To wrap the show, I rant on whatever else comes to mind. This semester, I plan to revamp my show so if anyone has any ideas, please feel free to hunt me down and let me know! Not literally speaking, but just send an email. I might get in to getting guest speakers, or even commentary on movies I have seen. As we all know, the Niagara University movie channel and even AMC plays the same three movies over and over again.

Anyways, be safe and warm out there! Winter is coming… no wait… winter is here :-/