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on March 4, 2016

"So, Rescue Dawn is playing the Waiting Room on Thursday."

"Can we go?"

Last November, Jacob and I went to the Waiting Room to hear local band Rescue Dawn play with more well-known alternative bands such as Broadside, ROAM, and Handguns. I listened to the most popular song from each band, and determined "Coffee Talk" by Broadside was my favorite. Jacob and I got to hear ROAM rehearse. And man, were they British. And good. 

ROAM is a pop-punk band from Eastbourne, England. They formed in 2012, releasing their first EP No Common Ground, and Head Down in 2013. 2014 they were signed to Hopeless Records, and have been a hit ever since. 

Alternative "shows" aren't like a Katy Perry concert. There is no such thing as seats. It's a small floor usually at a bar, where you pray there's a good crowd but not 300 people so you're not smushed in the corner. There is almost always band merchandise, and as many of these bands are in college and ARE the definition of a "broke college kid," it's always nice to support at least one of them. I wanted to get a really artsy shirt, and I wanted the Broadside shirt, but the ROAM shirt was much cooler. It has "Warning Sign" down the left sleeve.

I wore the shirt the next day and went into the studio after my class like normal. I looked down at my shirt, smiled, and said, "I better listen to this song since it's on my shirt."

Let me tell you, "Warning Sign" became my new favorite song like that *cue finger snap*. It was released on the Viewpoint EP in 2015. Jacob tells me in January when we came back from break that they just released a new album, Backbone.

Now, for those who don't know the ways of the GM of WNIA, Jacob will buy an album, listen to each song, and rate them on the 5-star scale provided on iTunes. I rarely ever buy the entire album on iTunes, I usually go out and get the album from Target or something because I'd rather have a physical copy. But I can stream Backbone on Google Play, and that is what I did this past Tuesday.

I recognize some of the songs off Backbone from the show back in November, like "Cabin Fever" and "Deadweight." Although nothing will replace "Warning Sign," these two songs are great. I have a weakness for old alternative, like Boys like Girls, All American Rejects, All Time Low, Bowling for Soup, stuff that used to play on Kiss 98.5. 

Roam is influenced by Sum 41, New Found Glory, blink-182, and Simple Plan. 

You can listen to ROAM on my morning show, Chelsea's Top Picks, Tuesday mornings at 11 a.m. 

AND, if you'd like to experience an alternative "show," a local band is playing at NU on March 11, 2016, at 7 p.m. Kill the Clock is awesome! Check out their hit "Arachnophobia" here