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on January 6, 2016

My cousin graduated Ithaca College in 2005. My mom always talked about how she was in the radio club and her show was called "LateNight." I heard stories about her being in radio, and hearing about it growing up I knew I wanted to do the same. I never had a sister, but you always want to be like your older sister, right? Well, she was mine, and so naturally I wanted to be like her.

When I signed up, it was at the freshman orientation club fair. I had no idea what I was in for. I originally wanted to have a show with my friend, but that fell through and ended up having a show playing my favorite type of music, Disney. I have different themes each week, with the audience kept in kind. If you pass the studio while I'm in there, you can usually witness me singing along to my favorite Disney hits.

When spring hit my freshman year, not a lot of people did/had shows. This was when I became close friends with Nico. Nico is the business manager, and the only way I can describe him would be the weird uncle in your family. He speaks in Russian accents, he made his own confederate coat, and came dressed as the Monopoly Man to the interest meeting this past year. Last spring, Nico and I would spend our mornings in the studio; if we weren't in class, we were in the studio. We started making playlists and started talking about what we wanted to do next year for the club. 

Nico and I became management, and, wow, has this been a busy semester. 

Being management, I knew there were things I wanted to change, like the old '80s record albums framed in the studio. With the help of my friend, I spent two hours putting new artwork in the studio. I worked hard to create a new Twitter account, as well as post on Facebook as much as I could. I worked with the guy in charge of the website, Andy, to make it have the best functionality it can. We hosted a few events and made friends I wouldn't have made if I wouldn't have had this position. I actually pulled a lot of my friends into having a show, which in turn are pulling their friends into having a show as well. 

Also, I wouldn't have realized that my Prince Charming was right in front of my face. 

I am excited for what the spring holds, since I worked with Jacob (GM), and Nico in creating staff positions in order for the club to run more smoothly these next coming years. I'm excited to be hosting Battle of the Bands, to bring NEW music, as well as more LOCAL music to the station, more promotions, more events, BLOG POSTS (like this ;)) and more fun!

Join us at our next interest meeting on Monday, Jan. 25, at 7:30 p.m. in the MPR in Gallagher. You can contact me for more information, by selecting the "Contact Us" tab at the top of the website.

Listen in to Disney Thursday Throwback, Thursday nights at 8:30. The schedule of my shows can be found on my show page

Have a Magical Day!