Pentatonix: Who knew a Capella could be this cool?

Posted in: Music Reviews
on February 24, 2016

If someone listens to a song by the artist Pentatonix for the first time, he or she might be surprised to discover that the entire song has no instrumental backtrack whatsoever. That’s because, prior to PTX, a capella was mostly reserved for musicals and fans of Pitch Perfect. Now, in 2016, it isn’t uncommon to hear “Can’t Sleep Love” or “Daft Punk,” both original pieces by this a capella phenomenon, on the local radio station.

What’s the amazing thing about Pentatonix? Each of their soundtracks are recorded with just their voices. That’s right, no background music, beat drop, or auto-tune. Kevin Olusola, the beat boxer, takes over this section, perfectly mimicking drums, a base guitar, and even a trumpet with just his vocal cords. 

After winning the a capella competition shown on NBC's The Sing-Off, the five vocalists of Pentatonix from Arlington, Texas, took off into the pop music industry and never looked back. Two Grammys, a world tour with Kelly Clarkson, and a highest-charting holiday album later, Pentatonix is known across the globe as an a cappella phenomenon. Furthermore, PTX dominates the social media with one of the most subscribed-to YouTube music channels, with over 10 million subscribers.

It’s amazing how much a group can accomplish with just their voices.