The Beat of My Music

Posted in: Radio Shows
on January 9, 2016

My radio show runs from 9 until 11 on Sunday nights. While most people dread this time, because Monday is right around the corner, I love having my show at that time. It gives me some time after the hustle of the weekend to unwind and think about everything I need to accomplish in the week to come. It also, of course, gives me some time out of the dorm room, and out of my circle of friends to really focus on myself.

It is a pretty low maintenance time, with just me and my co-host to take a breather or even finish an assignment last minute. My radio show is also a form of self-expression. When I’m stressed out, I might play less pop and more alternative. When I’m feeling happy, I might play music I can dance along to in the studio. When I’m trying to focus on something important, I might play slower music that is easier to think over. There is no “theme” to my radio show, no boundaries except the ones my co-host and I agree to implement together.

The point is my radio show gives me two hours every week to unwind and just do me for a while. I find this time almost imperative to keeping my stress level to a minimum. There are no restrictions to what I can and cannot play, except standard radio restrictions. This is a time of relaxation every week. This is my time to unwind, breath and be completely myself for a few hours each week.