Leslie Knope - The Spirit Animal of All College Students

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on March 21, 2016

While I am an Office fan through and through, there is something so relatable to Leslie Knope, the famous female lead character inParks & Recreation. Any overachieving person who wants to do something bigger and better in life has become Leslie at some point in his/her life. While I don't think anyone could ever be quite as insane or over the top as Ms. Knope, we all have our moments. Below I have outlined some of those Leslie-like moments every college student will face and has faced.

That first day of classes, when you are reading your various syllabi and realize that almost all of your major assignments, projects and final exams are due no more than two days apart from each other for every single class. There is not a more fantastically terrible way to start off the semester than with a brief panic attack. However, if you have the Leslie gene, you will likely create an unrealistic and grandiose task-binder that plans out your entire life for the semester in order to successfully conquer those assignments.  There is something truly agonizing about group projects and nearly every professor requires at least one during the semester. For some reason, they insist that by now each group participant will be helpful, trustworthy and an asset to the group, and deny that problems will arise and affect grades. However, this is almost never the case.


With some Godly miracles, you will occasionally find yourself in class with reliable friends and manage to get into a group together, but the more typical outcome is a random collection of unknown classmates who seem to all be either procrastinators, anti-gen. ed. students (the "I'm only taking this class because I have to, so I don't really care about the grade" people), or those who for some reason cannot follow directions no matter how hard they try. Every decent student has had to become Leslie for a group project by taking control, becoming supreme leader, and basically doing the project for everyone else. Sorry, profs, it is just the reality of group projects, especially in groups of four or more students.


As most Parks & Rec viewers know, Leslie Knope is fearless and determined. When faced with a panic-inducing week filled with meetings, exams and sleepless nights in the library, the inner Leslie is destined to appear and renew your strength and spirit to overcome every challenge and obstacle with success. A brief trip to Clet for waffles may also occur (brain food).


Every so often in your college career, you will have a few down periods where you can actually sleep, eat meals at normal times, relax and still get all of your work done on time without a late night. These periods are very rare and often occur either directly after or immediately before midterms or finals week. Since they don't come too often, it is almost eerie that you can be watching Netflix at 9 p.m. rather than typing the heading on a 10-page research paper.


Grocery bingo at Niagara is the best night of the semester. 'Nough said.


There is nothing better than Clet breakfast (shout out to Dawn, we love those omelets and YOU!) on a Sunday morning, and there is most certainly nothing better than midnight breakfast, which is hosted sporadically throughout the year by different groups. I am sure that everyone at NU would have to agree with Ms. Knope and Ron Swanson: breakfast food will always be the best food and that will never change regardless of the time of day, especially during finals week.