How to Start a Radio Show

Posted in: Radio Shows
on January 18, 2016

Have you ever wanted to express your ideas, DJ, or have a talk show? If so, Niagara University’s radio station is the thing for you! Here are a few ways to hit the ground running and make a successful radio show!

1. Come up with something unique.

What interests you most? Sports? Music? Current events? If you said music, what kind of music? Throwback? Modern? Movie scores? You can talk about or play anything you want at WNIA! It’s important that you try to bring new ideas to the table! New ideas are in huge demand right now. You also don’t have to do the show alone! You can have up to four people do the show with you. You could even have a special guest on the show as well!

2. Come to the interest meeting.

This is where you get all the details about the radio station and what is expected and encouraged! You’ll be able to meet all of the staff and even get insight about your ideas. The interest meeting this year will be Jan. 25, at 7:30 p.m. in the MPR! You also get a chance to get studio training from the staff so you know how all of the equipment works.

3. Schedule your available times.

When you get your radio show approved, you will be given two hours of studio time for the week. So you could have a half an hour-long show for four days, you could have two hour-long shows for two days, or you could do an hour-long show a week. You can mix it up however you want to as long as it fits your schedule and the studio is open during those times!

4. Get on social media.

Once your show is off and running, be sure to advertise about your show on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Getting followers and likes for your show will help get your show publicity! This will help your show become the best it can be and your ideas and music will spread wider.

5. Work hard.

If you work hard and come up with great ideas, your show will make it big on campus. You may even have some quality material that can qualify for the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System awards and even get attention from national conferences that love your material! We, the staff of WNIA, hope you take an interest in creating your own radio show and we wish you all the best.

Disclaimer: You must be an NU student or faculty member to join WNIA.