Don’t You Forget About Me

Posted in: Radio Shows
on January 20, 2016

By Josh Jacobs (@JoshuaFJacobs)

I cannot believe that it has almost been seven months since I last stepped into the WNIA studio! Hi, for those who don’t know me, my name is Josh Jacobs and I was WNIA’s advisor from 2012 to 2015. I have since moved to Rochester, N.Y. and am now the events manager for the Simon Business School at the University of Rochester. I still listen to WNIA in my office and love all your shows! Keep up the good work!

OK, enough about me, there are two things I want you to know to help you with your shows:

Record Show Promos
This is something that everyone should be doing! Chelsea and Nico are experts at doing this.

There are a few reasons you should do this:

The top reason is publicity. Chelsea can load your promo in so that it randomly plays throughout the day so that while people are listening, you get a free shoutout without even being in the studio! Don’t worry if you don’t know how, Jake and Chelsea can help and give you a crash course – it’s very easy!

The second reason is for your resume/portfolio. You NEVER know what you may be doing in five years. My undergraduate degree was in biology, then I got a master’s in organizational leadership, and am now starting a doctoral program in higher education. These short clips can be used if you are ever applying for a job in communications, marketing, advertising, etc. – the possibilities are endless!

Reach Out to Artists
So is your favorite artist coming to the area? Are you going to their concert? Would you want to talk with them, or perhaps meet them?

Well, WNIA is the answer. You ARE the press. Use your cyber-stalking skills for good (instead of stalking your exes on Facebook) and find the artist's PR contact or tour manager's email or phone number. I did this with the band Guster. They were having a show in Rochester and I googled their PR person (this is a hard task and takes A LOT of digging, but don’t give up!). Explain who you are, what you do and ask for an in-person interview or a phone interview. Butter them up as well; say how WNIA have plays them and has forever (if they are an older group). I have a sample email that I can send anyone that is interested in a template.

When the PR manager reached back out to me for Guster, they asked me to come in before the show for an interview. DO YOUR RESEARCH! You may think you know the band, but if you’re like me, there is a good chance you may get a tad starstruck. Write down your questions ahead of time; even if you don’t look at it during the interview it is a nice safety net to have. I gave the band WNIA T-shirts and recorded the interview with a handheld digital voice recorder that you can borrow from the IT help desk in the library!

Former VP Kelly Miller reached out to Rodney Atkins on Twitter and set up a phone interview with him that was awesome. While you are at it, ask the artist if they are willing to record a station ID. Kelly and I did this with Rodney Akins. Just tell them what you would want them to say. For example, “This is Rodney Atkins are you’re listening to Niagara University’s WNIA Mix-n-More Radio.” Chelsea can then set them to randomly play as well! It helps give the station some street cred.

Now don’t be discouraged when a band says no to an interview. Bigger groups are less likely to grant an interview, but it is always worth trying! Alanis Morissette, Fleetwood Mac, Weird Al, Bruce Springsteen – they all said no to me, but I still thought it was cool that I got a no email back from their manager! If you want to learn more, I can Skype into a future meeting and give you more details; just let Jake or Chelsea know you are interested.

Again you never know when this recorded interview may help you with your career, plus it makes awesome networking conversation. “So that one time I was talking to Rodney Atkins and he said...”

That is all for today. I miss you guys over at WNIA and I may be making a surprise appearance in stay tuned! ;)