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Posted in: Music Reviews
on March 4, 2016

"So, Rescue Dawn is playing the Waiting Room on Thursday.""Can we go?"Last November, Jacob and I went to the Waiting Room to hear local band Rescue Dawn play with more well-known alternative bands such as Broadside, ROAM, and Handguns. I listened to the most popular song from each band, and... Read on →

"Real" Music on Broadway

Posted in: Musicals
on March 2, 2016

Ask someone what a show tune is. Chances are, they jumped to a classic - a song from The Sound of Music, Annie, maybe Wicked if they’re contemporary - but very few people will jump to Queen’s “We Will Rock You” or Green Day’s “American Idiot.” Little do they know, they’re dead... Read on →

Pentatonix: Who knew a Capella could be this cool?

Posted in: Music Reviews
on February 24, 2016

If someone listens to a song by the artist Pentatonix for the first time, he or she might be surprised to discover that the entire song has no instrumental backtrack whatsoever. That’s because, prior to PTX, a capella was mostly reserved for musicals and fans of Pitch Perfect. Now, in 2016, it... Read on →

The Perks of Being a Cartoon Sheep

Posted in: About Me
on February 22, 2016

Just an opening word: You are reading a blog post on a college radio station written by a cartoon sheep. Yes, you read that right. I'm a cartoon sheep. Let me explain. My name is Sierra "Sheepie" McAllister. You can friend me on Facebook (which I never use) or follow me on Twitter @sheepieniagara... Read on →

Inside HBO’s VINYL Premiere

Posted in: Music Reviews
on February 17, 2016

“It’s fast and dirty, and hits you right over the head.” That’s rock and roll for you, courtesy of VINYL’s lead Richie Finestra, the American Century Records executive played by Bobby Cannavale. HBO’s new series, VINYL, directed and produced by Martin Scorcese and Mick Jagger, goes into... Read on →

Recognizing Rock

Posted in: Music Reviews
on February 15, 2016

One of the biggest frustrations that I have about the music industry is the lack of representation of a specific genre. Rock music has been a staple in the music industry for more than 60 years and, for some reason, it cannot even get the proper recognition it deserves. For instance, whenever I take... Read on →

Sing Your Own Song

Posted in: About Me
on February 8, 2016

By the time most people get to college, they have already created an identity for themselves, while others may be coming into their own in real depth for the first time. For many, music is something that allows them to connect with others, to form tight bonds that strengthen friendships and... Read on →

Jade: Like the Rock

Posted in: Radio Shows
on February 5, 2016

"Like the Rock" is my radio show's name. Yes, it is different, but it makes sense. My name is Jade King, and when I introduce myself in person to people, I tend to always follow my name with, "Ya know, Jade, like the rock," because Jade is a type of stone. I say this to avoid being mistaken for... Read on →

Why the Iowa Caucus is Terrible

Posted in: Politics
on February 3, 2016

On Feb. 1, 2016, the citizens of Iowa braved heavy snows and boring lines to cast their votes for their chosen candidates for the presidency. This, as in every other presidential election year, is the first state elective event which they proudly claim to be a representation of the American people... Read on →

The Power of a Mentor and Four Brothers

Posted in: Radio Shows, Sports
on February 1, 2016

Have you ever felt the rush of adrenaline from watching the last play in a tied basketball game, sliding into home plate, or almost being tackled because you didn’t get rid of the football fast enough? I have felt the rush from all of them, but none like the energy you feel when broadcasting... Read on →

Brothers Osborne Album

Posted in: Music Reviews
by Zackary Kephart on January 29, 2016

The debut album, Pawn Shop, by the Brothers Osborne (made up of brothers TJ and John Osborne) has been waiting to come out for a very long time. After releasing the lead off single, “Rum,” back in early 2014 (which subsequently stalled at No. 27 on the Billboard Country Airplay Chart), it was... Read on →

The Return of DJ Matt

Posted in: Radio Shows
on January 27, 2016

Well well well, I find myself on a Saturday night drafting up a post for our awesome WNIA blog. Now you are probably wondering, what in the world is this guy going to rant about? Personally, I would love to rant about Clash of Clans, a highly addictive android app game that has captivated millions... Read on →

Why Syracuse Football needs a turn for the better and quickly

Posted in: Sports
on January 25, 2016

On a chilly typical Syracuse November afternoon in 2015, the Syracuse Orange football team took the field for what was most certainly their last game of the season.  Coming into the game at 3-8 during an awkward and frustrating season was an understatement. Head Coach Scott Shafer was prepared to... Read on →

Student Testing: My Thoughts as a Future Teacher

Posted in: About Me
on January 22, 2016

Multiple choice and true/false tests are not true measures of a student’s intelligence or academic ability. Both tests rely on memorization, and not the internalization of a concept. In many instances, when students don’t know the correct answer with certainty, it becomes “multiple guess.”... Read on →

Don’t You Forget About Me

Posted in: Radio Shows
on January 20, 2016

By Josh Jacobs (@JoshuaFJacobs) I cannot believe that it has almost been seven months since I last stepped into the WNIA studio! Hi, for those who don’t know me, my name is Josh Jacobs and I was WNIA’s advisor from 2012 to 2015. I have since moved to Rochester, N.Y. and am now the events manager... Read on →