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Southern Family Review

Posted in: Music Reviews
by Zackary Kephart on May 2, 2016

The best moments in music have never been made alone. When Dave Cobb announced the birth of his super project, Southern Family, it seemed way too good to be true. The tracklist boasted arguably some of the best artists in country and Americana music out there right now, and to have them all on one... Read on →

When Will It Click for Johnny Manziel?

Posted in: Sports
on April 22, 2016

With finals week fast approaching, you probably think no one’s life is falling more into shambles than yours. Well, there is someone, and his name is Johnny Manziel. Over the past year, Manziel vowed to keep his name out of off-the-field interactions as the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns,... Read on →

Disney College Program

Posted in: About Me
on April 15, 2016

March 25:Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer. *bell rings* *papers get thrown in the air* WHAT TIME IS IT. No, this isn’t High School Musical. This is... Read on →

Why I’m Really Hoping That They Open Up a Dead Mall

Posted in: TBT
on April 11, 2016

Malls are awesome. For me, it’s not so much the shopping, it’s just the experience. Malls feel like a bygone era. They’re so 80s. They feel so old school. I grew up in an era of dying malls. I got to see two malls collapse upon themselves (three if you count the Rainbow Centre, which was gone... Read on →

Thank You Syracuse Basketball

Posted in: Sports
on April 8, 2016

Jan. 9 was another typical night at the college basketball capital of the world. Thirty thousand Syracuse University fans were not only waiting to watch the upcoming Syracuse/University of North Carolina game, but to also welcome home one of the game’s all time greatest coaches, Jim Boeheim.(Jim... Read on →

Axl/DC: Controversy Surrounding AC/DC’s Choice to Replace Brian Johnson

Posted in: Rock and Roll
on April 3, 2016

AC/DC fans were heartbroken to hear that frontman Brian Johnson dropped out mid-tour to prevent him from “complete hearing loss” last month. At that time, the band’s website simply stated the remaining 10 shows on the Rock or Bust Tour will be rescheduled. Recently, the band’s rep released a... Read on →

2112: Traversing Both Space and Time

on April 1, 2016

This April 1 marks the 40th anniversary of one of the most influential prog-rock albums of its time, and one that is easily in the top 3 favorite albums (Power Windows, 2112, and Moving Pictures, in that order, all of which I have on vinyl) of any Rush fan, like myself. In honor of this... Read on →

The Band That Deserves Recognition: Rescue Dawn

Posted in: Music Reviews
on March 30, 2016

I remember the first time that I saw them live in concert. They were playing a battle of the bands competition at Immaculata Academy, and they had these cool blue backdrops and some slick-looking light up boxes to stand on. Before they even played a single note of their music, I was looking at these... Read on →

The Mainstream Media is Ruining the 2016 Election

Posted in: Politics
on March 25, 2016

With the Republican National Convention at the end of July fast approaching, the Grand Old Party is in a panic trying to shut down a campaign everyone assumed was a fringe candidacy or a shameless publicity grab. Unfortunately for establishment conservatives, the Donald Trump machine has not lost... Read on →

Tuck Everlasting

Posted in: Musicals
on March 23, 2016

Tuck Everlasting. It’s a name most people have heard. You’ve either read the book in high school or seen the 2002 movie, but have you heard the soundtrack from the up-and-coming musical of the same name? Probably not.For those of you who haven't heard of Tuck (what, do you live under a... Read on →

Leslie Knope - The Spirit Animal of All College Students

Posted in: About Me
on March 21, 2016

While I am an Office fan through and through, there is something so relatable to Leslie Knope, the famous female lead character inParks & Recreation. Any overachieving person who wants to do something bigger and better in life has become Leslie at some point in his/her life. While I don't... Read on →

Chris King "Animal" Review

by Zackary Kephart on March 16, 2016

It's no secret that the album is a dying art form in music. Most artists today favor compiling collections of singles into one package over something that has a cohesive flow and tells a story. The saddest part of this all is that it's a widespread problem in all genres of music – country, rap,... Read on →

Remembering Nancy Reagan

Posted in: Politics
on March 14, 2016

On March 6, Nancy Reagan joined her husband, Ronald, in their side-by-side grave sites at the Reagan Library. Nancy and Ronald were two film actors that played out their lives beyond Hollywood and onto the world stage as the 40th President and First Lady of the United States, respectively, from... Read on →

Tampa, The Trop, and The End? Looking Ahead for MLB Relocation

Posted in: Sports
on March 11, 2016

In November 2012, Tampa Bay Rays 3B Evan Longoria signed a contract extension estimated at $100 million over the course of the next 10 seasons (the first six seasons of which were guaranteed), keeping him in Tampa possibly through the 2023 season. The timing seemed right, as Longoria helped lead the... Read on →

Don’t be afraid to take a chance, and live life to the fullest

Posted in: About Me
on March 7, 2016

Have you ever had a thought trickle through your mind such as, “I wish I did that,” or, “I could have done that,” or even worse, “I regret not doing that.”These are thoughts that we try to limit as much as we can. Instead, we should be saying, “I am so glad I did that,” or, “This... Read on →