Jade: Like the Rock

Posted in: Radio Shows
by Jade King on February 5, 2016

"Like the Rock" is my radio show's name. Yes, it is different, but it makes sense.

My name is Jade King, and when I introduce myself in person to people, I tend to always follow my name with, "Ya know, Jade, like the rock," because Jade is a type of stone. I say this to avoid being mistaken for "Jane" and I personally loathe this name because it makes me think of a "plain Jane" and "plain," which I most certainly am not. I suppose I could say, "Ya know, Jade, like the precious stone," but then I am at risk for looking pretentious.  

I play alternative rock music on my show. I have loved this specific genre for as long as I can remember. I love how it is different. Maybe I have always thought of myself as a little different in my personality so I am naturally drawn to it. Or my brother's taste in has brushed off on me. Or alternative and I were just meant to be together. Whatever the case, I am happy it is so. 

My show is my baby, I love the music I play and talking to someone who can tell me to shut up. Being in the studio is my happy place. I can escape my responsibilities and problems and just turn up my jams.

I want more people to listen so I can get feedback on what I can do better or if I am just straight amazing and people want to tell me.

If I can get a couple people to walk by the studio and bob their heads to the music I will feel accomplished as a DJ. But until then, I am happy just jamming and talking to my own public private diary.

Listen to "Like the Rock" every Tuesday and Thursday from 1 to 2 p.m.